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Our Smart Home/Office Automation helps you to provide a fully integrated solution which can control Lighting, Shading, Security System, Audio Video Systems, Alarm Systems and Gate/Garage Control Systems from a single application. Our Integrated Solution helps you to create an intelligent Home with Enhanced Lifestyle Features.

We are offering you a Wired and Wireless Solution depends on your choice of Integration. The solution can easily be integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a complete Voice Guided Control of your Home/office. We are also providing you dedicated Touch panel controls, Mobile Applications and Wall Panel controls as per your choice.

Wireless Solutions are suitable for those who wish to convert their already built Home into a fully Automated Home Using RF Solutions.

The benefits are as follows:

  • No Demolition: The installation requires no structural
  • Design: Controllers are designed based on current design
  • Flexibility: Are you moving? Your installation goes with you.
    The ability to move the wireless switch anywhere is a real
  • Schedule: Up to Five adjustable time programs can be defined in a single day.
  • Scenes: With a Single button/touch it is possible to activate multiple commands at once according to the given situation or desire.
  • Expandable: The system can easily be expanded to include new units and functions.


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