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The coming generation homes will be digitally smart with all aspects of safety, security, energy efficiency and other automation done digitally. Infolux Technologies is the best way to convert your home into a smart living space.

It helps you automate your home in ways never thought possible before. The power to transform your home into a smart home now rests at your fingertips. Integrate compatible smart devices and control, manage, and monitor your home from anywhere with just one touch! With our professional team of designers and technicians we can offer unique solutions that will go far beyond your expectations. Automate Your Lighting, Entertainment, Security, Climate and more with Infolux Technologies

What We Provide

  • Automated lighting control systems: Switch On/off all your lights from anywhere in the world. Now you can also dim all your incandescent bulbs and dimmable LEDs to set the lighting according to your mood.
  • Audio and video distribution: Entertainment is made as a part and parcel of your daily routine with our smart home audio automation systems with centralized and decentralized audio and video distribution controls
  • Home energy management solutions: The energy management system allows you to monitor and control of water heaters, exhaust fans, air conditioners, etc. to save energy when appliances are not in use.
  • HVAC control systems: With our HVAC control systems, you can control and showcase your home elegantly, all with a single touch.. Personalize settings by setting limits for maximum and minimum temperature, so you are assured that no one can change it without your knowledge – perfect for homes with kids.
  • Home security solutions: Now keep an eye on, all the time with our superior security solutions including:
  • Access control systems: Restrict entry to a secure area or automate opening/closing of garage and entry gates
  • Intrusion alarm: Get informed in unique ways to keep unauthorized intrusion at bay whether you are at home or away. Get notify alerts and monitor your home on-the-go
  • CCTV cameras: With CCTV cameras you can easily watch live video feed of your home from anywhere in the world
  • Intercom system: Get notified of guests’ arrival through digital and analog audio-visual intercom systems.
  • PABX systems: Seamlessly monitor your premises from your hand-held device using analog or IP systems
  • Home communication systems: Our Wi-Fi system enables seamless management of  wireless communication across home premises.
  • Wireless Home Automation Systems: Our RF Solution can help you to automate your space without demolishing or rewiring anything. A complete hassle free RF solution can convert your traditional home into a new smart home. 

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