Government Transport & Defence

Today’s global economy and digital disruption are redefining the defence and transportation, exploring new ways and challenges for industry players. Streamlining engineering and operational resources, optimizing budgets, and improving collaboration are the three key concerns for organizations in these domains today.

Infolux Technologies provides cutting-edge audio-visual and automation technology to back transportation and defence initiatives comprehensively. Our Efficient Team of Professionals is well-versed in 360-degree end-to-end installation and commissioning of complex systems. We deliver custom-integrated as well as standard off-the-shelf transportation and defence solutions to State and Local Governments and Private-Public Sector Partnerships.

Our Services

  • Control room solutions: Visual collaboration and management solutions for of mission-critical control rooms that demand always-on operations.
  • Design, deployment, and management of collaboration, video infrastructure and endpoints (unifying room systems, and devices) in unclassified and multi-level classified environments at highly secure locations globally.
  • Innovation &Experience Center Solutions for High profile Government Venues

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