Lighting Control System

Lighting control systems are used mainly for efficient and intelligent energy management. This system enables the switching (ON & OFF) of the light fittings via a stand-alone system or a fully networked central system. They can be used in public, commercial or residential properties for areas such as corridors, restrooms, BOH areas, administrative offices, car park, and staircase usually as stand-alone systems or in combination with dimming control system.

The system enables the control of light fittings through timers and/or sensors (occupancy, motion, and daylight) or any pre-programmed logic function as specified or needed by the client.

Dimming control systems are used mainly for creating architectural and mood lighting. Pre-programmed scenes can be set for a particular mood or occasion to enhance and improve the ambience of areas such as restaurants, lounges, hotel lobbies, ball rooms, conference rooms, VIP areas, spas, outdoor areas, private villas, royal palaces etc.

Other benefits include reduced energy consumption, and reduced maintenance costs through more efficient usage and longer bulb life. Color changing lights/LEDs can also be controlled via our DMX modules to improve the aesthetics of the building façade.


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